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Tuesday, March 6

A floating labyrinth | Venice

If you're thinking about a romantic getaway, then you should really think about going to Venice.

Last summer, we spent a few nights in Venice and it was beautiful. We spent most of the days wandering around narrow pathways and drinking Aperol Spritz in little courtyards.


Wednesday, February 14

Pamper day inspiration in London

aer Blowdry Bar
Last June we bought our first home, and we welcomed Lemon into our lives. Since then it has been a whirlwind of work, puppy training and loving, house renovations and furniture buying. Not a lot of resources and time have been left for me to devote to my wardrobe, beauty supplies or the planning of a holiday, but that is all completely okay because we have our lovely home and a dog I love to the ends of the earth.

So in the absence of a holiday abroad this year as we focus on the house, I have decided to put together a little annual bucket list of sorts, of places I would like to go to for mini-holidays. That is, a list of pamper day ideas.

There are some really cool places I keep see popping up that I would love for me and my friends to go to this year, and I thought I would share my pamper day inspiration with you!

Sunday, February 11

The girl in the faux fur coat: 3 fashion trends for your virtual basket

So I'm using a countdown app to help me save and get my spending on track, so therefore, naturally, I have been online browsing and stuffing my virtual basket to capacity with clothes that I have told myself I need. 
A little doodle from me to you.

Saturday, February 10

Netflix Inspiration: 11 things to watch

I keep seeing people asking for Netflix inspiration (Netflixpiration if you will), and I have to share my votes for the best series worth committing ten hours or more of your life to - there have been so many fantastic series that it feels like the minute you finish one season of something the second season of something else starts. During winter I hibernate as much as possible, so these series have kept me from doing things like housework, ugh, or general exercise, whoops?

Saturday, February 3

Review: The Google Pixelbook

I have wanted the new Google Pixelbook since it was released in October last year. I have the Google Pixel phone and hail it as the best smartphone I have ever had - I have scarily broken all my ties with Apple - goodbye iPhone and iPad and complicated storage cloud system.

Sunday, December 31

5 step winter skincare routine

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a lovely day and got to spend time with the ones you love, and eat until you physically cannot eat anymore - cue the Gaviscon ads on TV this week.

This time of year can wreck havoc on my skin, not just from the dip in my diet but also the weather. Everyone is different, but my skin is most sensitive to the cold.

I'd say that Winter is the worst season of the year for skin, but it's probably on par with Summer and UV damage. Either way - here is a routine that I have found to remedy the harsh effects of this chilly time of year.


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