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A few of my favourite things: January go-to's

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I just had a major clear out. I went through all my makeup and divided it into 'out of date', 'never used', 'addicted to'.

Unfortunately there was a large amount 'out of date'.

I read an article recently and apparently you're meant to replace makeup pretty frequently, more than you might realise!

These were the guidelines:

Liquid foundation & mascara: Replace these after every three months.
Eyeliner & lipliner & eyebrow pencil: Replace these after one year.
Blush & eyeshadow & moisturiser & powder & concealer: Replace these after two years.

Just to name a few!

So a lot of things got thrown out, but in my 'addicted to' pile, was pretty refreshing to see that I use a lot of my makeup very regularly. Getting my money's worth!

I thought I'd share some of my January favourites with you, and post a look this week using all of the products!

To start with I would absolutely have to say the MAC eyeshadow 'antiqued'.

It's highly pigmented and comes out a really lovely reddy-brown kind of colour. I really like using it in my crease and outer V and matching it with MAC's 'sweet heat' eyeshadow on the lid.

It was £13 and I have had it for a few months and love it still! It's a good one to build up depth if you want a darker look as well.

So this one is just generally one of my all time favourite lipsticks BY FAR.

Everyone always comments on it when I wear it, and tries it out!

It's the L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Exclusive lipstick by Blake Lively.

It's a matte red and it really suits a warmer skin tone, so I always wear it when I've bronzed and am going 100% on my makeup look.

Though matte, it is actually not drying at all - which I absolutely hate in matte lipsticks!

The thing I love about this lipstick, aside from the obvious gorgeous colour, is that when it starts coming off (which is after hours and even after eating by the way!) it fades slowly, and you can easily top it up.

Unlike others, it doesn't leave a horrible lipstick border on your lipline and nothing on your lips. So definitely one for a night out or dinner.

At only £6.99 it is definitely one I will go and stock up on in case they discontinue!

Okay don't run away when I say this is a shadow stick. I know. I was dubious too.

This is the NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in 'flibuste'. Yeah, I don't know what that name's all about. But I love NARS so they can do whatever they like!

I am still mastering my eyeliner as I have a tricky eye shape (downturned) so it is taking a while but I am getting there!

But a great makeup artist at NARS introduced me to this shadow stick which easily creates a soft, bambi-eyed look.

I simply draw it as close to my lashes as possible and it doesn't matter if it's neat.

Then I take a flat brush (the one in the picture was from a supermarket and super cheap) and gently tease out the line until it's smoky. Then I can work on how far I want the smudge to go.

So, if you don't have time to do liner but still want depth to your lash line, I thoroughly recommend this!

Next up is Urban Decay's Perversion in black for £17.50. I got this one with a voucher after a recommendation by YouTuber Bella Fiori.

I have to say, that without a doubt. This is now my FAVOURITE mascara. I love the brush, as I have long lashes already I like to focus on volume and this is perfect.

You can easily apply multiple coats to work up to your desired thickness. It has not clumped for me yet!

It also applies really well to my lower lashes and creates a lovely doe-eyed look, Love, love love.

Last, but not least! The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On lip pencil in 'Liar' for £13.50. I team this with the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in comfort matte, colour '1993', also £13.50.

They work really well together and I apply the liner not only to my lipline, but all over my lips as a little safety precaution if I wear it out all day.

It applies really well, and works as a great base for the lipstick. I have been wearing it in autumn and winter and I think it looks really lovely when I wear it with my MAC 'antiqued' eyeshadow. Yum.

So they are my January favourites. Well, some of! I have so many products I am addicted to at the moment, but they are definitely my go-to's!

What are your favourites for January?


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