Wednesday, January 18

Valentine's lips: The Kiss

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Okay so whether or not Valentine's Day is your cup of tea - this is a little routine I tried out for soft, plump lips, guaranteed to get you some sugar...

This winter I've found that my lips have been constantly dry, and it doesn't matter how much I moisturise, any time I've tried to wear lipstick it has looked awful. Which is such a shame because I love darker shades this time of year!

So the other day I was just so happened to pop into Lush...

Right okay, so it wasn't an accident. I went to Lush.

I was going to buy one of their sugar scrubs as I'd heard good things about the 'Mint Julips' one in particular, but then I saw 'The Kiss'.

The only way I can describe the smell is that it's like the sweetheart sweets. Cute!

I tried it out when I got home over the sink - it's pretty messy - and you can lick off the sugar afterwards if you want, as the little red lovehearts are also edible.

I loved the packaging as well, on the lid it says 'Giving some sugar? Make sure you get some in return' and they tell you to 'seductively' lick the sugar off  your lips. Cheeky.

Anyway - it worked really well, I didn't have to scrub hard, so it wasn't sore at all. And they left my lips so so soft. So I'd definitely recommend grabbing one soon as I don't know if they're a limited edition thing - but they have other flavours as well if they do so don't panic,

Then after I'd exfoliated my lips I used this...

I want bigger lips. Pure and simple. So aside from overdrawing with lipstick, I'm trying safe cosmetic ways to get a plumper pout. So I tried this 'Pillow Plump' lipgloss from Soap & Glory from the Sexy Mother Pucker range.

Again, I am a sucker for packaging. I love the Soap & Glory style, but haven't really tried many of their products.

This was meant to be the most extreme of the lip plumping products they offered, as it's the 'XXL'.

I applied a generous coating after I'd exfoliated, and aside from around ten minutes of intense tingling and a nice sheen on my lips. It really didn't do much else for me. It was around £10 so not a huge waste of money, but in hindsight I would have much rather spent that on another Urban Decay Vice lipstick.

I think if there was a difference then it was very, very small. Maybe this is just on my lips though, and I know that it's not going to actually dramatically give me the same effect as something like lip injections, for example.

However I really didn't notice any change at all.

Give it a go if you like!

By no means am I saying it won't work on anybody. And it's a lovely lip gloss on its own. But in terms of being the 'XXL' plumping lip gloss I was quite disappointed.

The tingling is very noticeable though, so I thought at first that I was on to a winner. Oh well!

So instead of this, to moisturise your lips after exfoliation I would recommend sticking to a lip butter or trusty Vaseline.

Let me know if you've tried any lip plumping products that are the real deal!


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