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LOVE: L is for Little Pink Box

Happy Valentine's!

Whether you celebrate self-love or shared love, both romantics and beauty lovers will love February's GlossyBox.

This is the second month that I have received a box, as I started my subscription as a 2017 resolution to pamper myself more.

January's 'Edible Edit' was heavily skin-focussed, so I postponed my post until I'd tried to products out properly to give an accurate review - so watch out for that, there are some great products that I now swear by!

This month in the LOVE box, (cute!) there were five presents. First one, a full-size bottle of perfume.

Yeah, I know.

Already these boxes have been a great investment.

The perfume is L'Eau de Rose by Jeanne Arthes. I haven't heard of her before or of the brand, but on the little GlossyBox letter you get with every box outlining each product, it says that Jeannes Arthur spent 35 years working with master perfumers from Grasse to create elegant modern perfumes with a French twist. Well I'm sold!

I really like the perfume, it's so girly and cute, it's something I can only describe as being a Valentine's Day daytime perfume. Not quite heavy and sensual as my normal two go-to's, but something delicate and 'dreamy' (their word, not mine!).

They also gave a couple of tips on perfume application, the well-known best spots for applying your perfume, behind your ears, and also at the bottom of the throat, and they also explained that you shouldn't rub your wrists together after you have applied perfume because it affects the scent.


You should just spray and gently press or wait for it to dry. Note to self.

These were the other four things in my pretty pink box:

When I saw a UTAN AND TONE product that was it. So much happiness. One of my favourite vloggers swears by this product for self-tanning and it's always been slightly pricey for me to commit to just yet. So I'm so happy to try out the Nourishing Night Crème as my little tester.

It has hydrating hyaluronic acid and lots of others vitamins for my skin to soak up overnight while also building up a gradual glowy tan. Win, win.

Not going to lie, I mostly loved this for the cute factor - I mean it has a little bow!! But seriously I actually really like this colour, I haven't used the brand before so am looking forward to trying it out when my home gels come off. This was another full-size product (yay!) and is in the colour 'Fade to Greige'. Not so cute name. Can't have everything.

I have never seen a hair mask like this before. Usually they come in those slim packets, so I had no idea what this was when I opened it. It's an Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm. I am always quite wary about hair products as my hair is coloured and so I like to stick with natural products that preserve my colour and strength. I recently had the Olaplex treatment with my last colour and it has worked wonders!

I try to avoid hair products with alcohol, sulfates and silicon, but this mask looks fine to me! I had a quick look at the ingredients and saw 'cetyl alcohol' but this is a bit of red herring, as this is one of the alcohols that is actually nourishing for your hair. Just something to start being more aware of if you never look at the ingredients in your hair care products.

Again another stranger to me. Which is what I love about GlossyBox! It has already introduced me to so many brands that I had never heard of and now love.

This brand's product present in GlossyBox was their 'Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub'. It is a mineral-rich volcanic paste for cleansing and purifying. It is vegan, paraben and silicon-free and 90% natural. Pretty happy with that?

I have given this a go once, but I definitely need to try it a couple more times before I can give an accurate review on it, but as it is a mask and scrub combo I will only want to use it maybe once or twice a week to not go overboard. But I will report back on this one!

Overall I am very happy with my LOVE GlossyBox and cannot wait for March! I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day and take some time to pamper yourselves.

Let me know if there are any of these products you'd like a more in-depth review for!


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