Thursday, August 24

Interior Design: Dressing Room Inspo

bookcase with artwork
I love everything about this. Credit: Greenhouse Interiors

I recently bought and moved into my first home - and I love it!

The first month I was so excited when it came to designing my dressing room; I had a million ideas, painted swatches on the wall, and had so many tabs open on my computer with links to furniture my laptop almost blew up.

I still have all those tabs - if not more - but now I haven't a clue what to do with this space - or how to do it.

It's actually possible to have too many ideas, I can't seem to narrow them down, I can't even pick a colour scheme.

I know, nice problems to have, but I am so bored of using a room every morning that's filled with bulky cardboard boxes of books and storing my makeup in mugs.

So I've created a Pinterest board to try and get my ideas out of my head and in their own little box.

Take the plunge

I know the best way to start is to just start, whether that takes the form of painting a colour on a wall and going from there or buying at least one piece of furniture to work around.

So here are some of my theme ideas - let me know what you think:

Light and airy: pastel colours, mostly whites, pinks and possibly yellow, with soft curve furnishings and cute accessories.

I love the idea of a sofa bed instead of just a sofa, but is it worth the loss of space? Credit: RH Teen

Decadent: dark rich blue or green feature wall with gold framed art, with remaining walls in white to capitalise on the light.

Maybe lose the chandelier, but love this style. Credit: Home Edit

Earthy: all white walls, with a focus on wooden shelves and furniture, neutral toned fabrics and earthy textured accessories (baskets, rugs, etc).

Don't even start me on how to organise my books. That's a whole other post. Credit: Glamour Paris

Oddball: bright statement coloured furniture (either the desk of sofa) with mix-matching styles from Victorian era to industrial.

I love this cute industrial-eqsue style. Credit: Boho Beach Bungalow

If I could, I would buy everything in this picture. Shame the mirror alone is around £700. Christmas wish list?? Credit: Anthropologie
If you follow any Pinterest boards, or have your own that you think might help me decide, comment below with the link, I'd love to see.

If anyone is interested in a before and after transformation blog of the room, pop a comment below and I'll start actually blogging again!
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