Thursday, August 31

Life With Lemon | Puppy Update

Today is Lemon's 3-month birthday.

We have had her for 32 days, and my life, house and wardrobe has been blown apart.

She is a little show cocker spaniel and she has already impressed us so much with how clever she is. At only 12 weeks old, she has learnt sit, lie down, go to your bed, paw, bark, quiet, come and spin.

Our puppy, Lemon
The first week she was this little sleeping and snoring ball of fluff. Teeny tiny and timid, only interested in wolfing down wet food three times a day, and sleeping for the rest of it.

The second week she started to get a little more curious. She began running around the garden (continuously tripping over her ears) and mouthing our hands.

Then she grew.

She doubled in weight in two weeks, and now is a little lanky thing, all arms and legs.

She has learnt how to bark. And has learned how to get her own way.

It is so hard to be strict when she gives you a look like this (see adorable, heart-melting puppy smile right).

I have always had dogs, but this is the first time that I have raised a puppy myself.

She is so much fun, and I won't ever look back.

It's amazing how quickly she grew in confidence. From this little shy puddle of fluff, she now owns the garden. Flowers have been sacrificed. She has even built her own little collection I like to call..

'Things I Have Found In Lemon's Mouth'

The worst was the snail shell. Luckily its occupant had moved out. It's not the only one though, I have caught her in the act of crunching a snail shell before. That wasn't fun.

She has had her last vaccination (a nightmare in itself), and is allowed on her first walk tomorrow! Blog post to follow.

When we took her to the vets, she was as good as gold, mostly because she knows that a trip to the vets usually involves a bag full of treats and loads of fuss and attention (her favourite things - aside from the snail shells of course).

But when she had her second vaccination, she had a local tissue reaction and we had to rush her to the emergency vets as she was in so much pain.

Thankfully she is all healthy and happy again now, and we were told reactions like this are one in 9,000.

But if you have a puppy or are going to get one, watch out for this, as the vets didn't even warn us that she could be drowsy as a side-effect; apparently reactions to the second vaccination are unheard of.

Aside from that little hiccup, we have been very lucky as she is otherwise a very healthy and happy little puppy, hell-bent on eating slippers and licking faces.

We are booked in for puppy classes in September (how adorable!) and know she is going to absolutely boss it.

So what I'm really trying to say is, after a massive tangent, meet Lemon.
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