Thursday, September 28

Balloon Above The Clouds #NationalPoetryDay


It won't be everyone's cup of tea, or perhaps anyone's - but it's 'poetry'. A blub of words from me to a page, in some semblance of an order. More feeling than thought, and more ideas than words. Perhaps it will inspire you to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and get something out.

This year's NPD theme is freedom.

Balloon above the clouds

Judgments put to bed, and eyes closed

tucked in, the questions that flow

stopped from my gut.

Breath held, ballooning suffocation of a thousand thoughts.

Cycloning worry, unabated and let loose on the ground below.

Rising skywards where oxygen freezes and people turn to dots.

Smelling nothing and tasting dry. Numbness sets.

White and grey beneath my feet, closing the curtain on the world with tendril fingers.

Hiding and not hiding, showing and telling everything in its concealment of life that still swims below.

Free - and - trapped by the string tied to the unrest under the clouds.

© Daisy Belle
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