Monday, September 25

Housewarming Party: Bunting, Baking & Brothers

To celebrate our new gaff, we threw a housewarming party. And by we, I mean me. Because boys do not do preparation. Or understand the importance of the perfect bunting height. Or balloon distribution. Or just care, at all, about party trivia.

So anyway, we had a housewarming party and invited half of my family.

The night before was a blur of panic as we cleaned the house from top to bottom, and rushed to the supermarket to stock up on party essentials - crisps, and more crisps.

It was there that I found myself asking the most Waitrose question so far: "Do you have any hibiscus flowers in syrup?" They did not.

Everything organised and scrubbed to within an inch of its life by midnight, it was then that I had the brilliant idea to bake an emergency cake. Because, why not give myself more to do?

Lemon, Lemon biscuits
I had already made 'lemon Lemon biscuits' - lemon sugar cookies in the shape of my cocker spaniel, Lemon - but convinced my family was the size of a small country and required feeding on a mass scale, I baked a vanilla sponge with marshmallow frosting as well.

(Comment below if you would like a recipe or video for either.)

For the past month, I had been stressing myself out to make everything perfect, from painting an entire room in time for the party to faffing with fiddly tissue paper pom poms for the back garden.

Though in the end, I found myself asking a series of questions. The first being:

Was it worth it?

Sure, everyone had a great time, and I did too - bar the hangover from the depths of hell that took up residence in my brain the next morning - but was all that worth it for one day?

It was lovely to get everyone under one roof - under my roof - but will I be putting myself under that much pressure again for another shindig?

Did my brother try to give my puppy Limoncello? Yes.

Did I smash a shot glass and fall down the stairs? Probably.

Did my brother and I engage in a sparring match that resulted in tears, a bruised jaw and a classic Smithy and Rudey moment*? Yes.

Did I invent the robot? No.

So in the end, when all's said and done, you know?

*See Gavin and Stacey.
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