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October Fitness Challenge: #OctoberFitFest2017


I have decided to set myself a little fitness challenge - and any other gym-lovers reading, feel free to take part and comment below with your progress! I might do a little series on this.

I re-joined my old gym today. After yo-yo-ing between uni and both my parents' homes and Jay's old flat - I am only just starting to regain some kind of routine - and stay in one place for more than a week.

I had planned to get back on the gym-train when we moved, but had no idea how much stress that was going to be, and then Lemon popped along!

So I have decided that I am going to set myself a fitness challenge for October, and see where it gets me before upping the ante for the rest of the year, as I have lost a lot of the progress I worked so hard to get.

I know my overall goal for my fitness and I know what I have achieved in the past, which definitely helps motivate me, if I know that at least half of my goal is achievable, as I have done it before.

Last time I reached a milestone in my fitness progress, I did it through regular workouts consisting of both weights training and HIIT workouts and a 'healthy diet'.

There are so many different views on what a 'healthy diet' actually is, and I have spoken to vegans, vegetarians, bodybuilders, athletes and cyclists and read a few books - so I have some understanding, but there are always new theories and approaches to keep up to date with. To be honest, the main thing to do is to stick to your plan. Whatever you decide to do, stick with it.

If you are cutting out bread, cut it out (which incidentally is what I did, and I saw amazing results), if you are aiming to drink more water, keep your bottle handy.

So coming back from that tangent, I plan to kickstart my workouts again.

The gym I have joined offers loads of classes, and for me this is the most effective way to get
motivated if I have been remiss (lazy) lately. Not only does the instructor keep me on my toes and the rest of the class add fun and a social element to my workout - but the gym fines you if you cancel - so there's now a financial factor! (Along with the ridiculous joining fee).

So here's the challenge.

The challenge #OctoberFitFest2017

I am going to try and complete 16 classes in one month.

That might not sound like many to some - but this will mean going to four a week, which will be pretty hard for me considering a) I haven't been in ages and b) I have a crazy busy lifestyle.

The classes range from fitness pilates, yoga, RPM (spin), the Les Mills Grit series (plyo, strength and cardio) and Hydroride (aqua spin).

I am booked in for four this week, so we will see how it goes. I will weigh myself at the start of the month and see what progress I make by the end.

If anyone else wants to join - let me know in the comments and we can all use the hashtag #OctoberFitFest2017 to spur each other on!
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