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The girl in the faux fur coat: 3 fashion trends for your virtual basket

So I'm using a countdown app to help me save and get my spending on track, so therefore, naturally, I have been online browsing and stuffing my virtual basket to capacity with clothes that I have told myself I need.

Try to justify it all I want; 'It won't be on sale next month', 'That is probably the last one of this dress in existence, this is your only chance' and 'If you don't get that coat you'll get pneumonia'; I am being a good girl and not spending - ish.

There's not long left to go on my countdown and it's actually given me some valuable insight, (telling myself this every time I get a Missguided tweet). The more I wait and the more I browse, the more I am figuring out what I actually want to buy. Stay with me.

Instead of impulse buying and withdrawing a small fortune for a decent haul of items online that I inevitably end up returning because what was I thinking ordering a see-through dress in the first place? Where on earth would I ever wear that? After a few days of seeing an item that on first glance I thought would be the item my whole wardrobe revolves around for the next three months, I instead change my mind.

Instead I have left in my basket some really nice pieces that I am really sure about and won't instantly regret buying.

I have noticed that lately my basket has just been filling up with the same few styles - faux fur coats, graphic tees and checked anything - it must be the cold weather that keeps pulling me towards them. That or the constant tweets from Missguided - I seriously need to turn off post notifications for the sake of my bank account's health.

So here are a couple of things that have gone "straight in my basket"

Single button faux fur longline coat from SHEIN

Now I have been reading and watching reviews, but I really hope that SHEIN isn't dodgy, because everything on this site was made for me.

(Also, sidenote, how are pronouncing this, is it like 'she in' or 'shein'? Comment below if you know! Ooh! And if you have ordered anything from them and received an actual product.)

I know it's not everyone's style, and if I ordered it, it might not even be mine by the time I try it on - but this coat is calling out to me, and is the inspiration behind my doodle. She's meant to be looking at her phone by the way. Oh and I can't draw faces, hands or legs...I wasn't left with much but I tried and I am practising.

I really want to get this coat and at the moment it is only £36.78 from £72.13 which - if the site is legit and this coat isn't made from nothing - I think is a bargain. I will definitely be ordering items, if not this coat, from SHEIN soon and when I do I will review the site for you.

I really like the idea of wearing this with black knee high suede chunky heel boots and a black mini rucksack. Oh look! Two more things I could go and buy!

LOVE YOU BYE from Jamie Genevieve 

I really love a graphic tee, sorry a 'T-shirt with a motif', and have some usually get my sloganned tops from Forever 21, but lately H&M have really had some great ones. As you can see in one of my recent blog posts here, I am wearing a maroon t-shirt from H&M with the 'motif', 'not your baby', I also just got a green one reading 'overlook'. Who can say what it all means?

They are just super soft and lightweight and they aren't tight fitting which is just about the right amount of effort for me, I like being able to breathe and eat in my clothes.

So here is a t-shirt that I have added to my basket...and bought - okay so I slipped, but this one is different! It's designed and produced by my favourite vlogger Jamie Genevieve and it just so happens to be my own personal catchphrase too. She has received some backlash about the price (£25) but as far as I am concerned it is worth it - also you'd pay the same in Topshop, why are people crying? She put loads of thought into the design, even down to the label, and it is the brand you are paying for.

I think of it as fan merch and I am happy to support the people I admire.

Pull&Bear checked jersey dress

Whether you know it as gingham, checked, houndstooth or dogtooth - this pattern and style is not new, but it is making a fierce comeback. I have seen some great high waisted work trousers and high waisted skirts sporting the check trend lately, but this is the piece I would really love to get my hands on *adds to basket*.

If you're saving too, I hope I have helped make it seem less bleak and not just rubbed three more things in your face you can't buy yet - but look on the bright side - you can gaze at them longingly in your online basket. *Tries to justify purchase again: "Now everyone else has these links, they could all sell out! You have to get them..."*
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